Mikoko Pamoja Notices


This page will be our noticeboard for what is going on with the Mikoko Pamoja Project (MPP) and a timetable for important project and meeting dates, deadlines and targets for action:


             2016 Mikoko Pamoja timetable
      •    Earth day
      •    Showcasing M.P in the Earthwatch debate ‘Does nature come with a price tag?’
      •    Visit by participants of the International course on mangrove in the western Indian ocean region
      •    Establishment of a mangrove nursery bed
      •    Presentation of M.P at the Blue solution initiative forum in Zanzibar, Tanzania
      •    Visit by Carl from zero mission-one of our biggest buyers of carbon credits
      •    World oceans day
      •    Community Barazas in Gazi & Makongeni village to prioritize on what community projects to be funded
      •    Monitoring of the community woodlots
      •    Engagement of local schools in artworks for the international artwork competition
      •    meeting with the school to come up with a woodlot harvesting plan
      •    Launching of textbooks and officiating the 2nd phase of the Makongeni water project in Gazi primary
      •    International Day of the mangrove
      •    planting  & monitoring of mangroves
      •    Showcasing M.P at the Mombasa International Agricultural Show
      •    1st secondary school teachers workshop
      •    2nd Monitoring
      •    Training of the new committee on Mikoko Pamoja activities
      •    2nd  secondary school teachers workshop
      •    3rd Monitoring
      •    reporting of the M.P activities


Former Project Coordinator; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           


More details about the project can be seen on the Project Overview page

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