Mikoko Pamoja Project

This section gathers together all information about the Mikoko Pamoja Project, so that everyone involved or interested in the project can easily find all the documents, track the decision making process, read the latest minutes and reports and see the timetable of planned events and targets for action.

Mikoko Pamoja is a community based project in the Gazi area on the South Coast of Kenya showing how to manage mangroves for everyone.  Scientists work together with the local community to extend and protect the existing mangrove areas. Mikoko Pamoja is helping to conserve mangroves and improve local livelihood in Gazi Bay, Kenya by:

  • Reforesting the degraded mangrove areas
  • Protecting existing mangrove forests
  • Investing in education with school pupils, students, volunteers and the public on the importance of mangroves
  • Raising funds for community development and education  renovating classrooms, buying books and new sources of safe drinking water.

This section has three areas:

Organisation:  How the project was set up, paid for and run - including details of the Mikoko Pamoja Community Organisation which governs it and their partners


Records: New decisions and progress - including minutes of the Community Organisation and baraza village meetings, Annual Reports, accounts and project reports


Notices: a clear timetable - including important project and meeting dates, deadlines and targets for action to help staff, volunteers, community and other partners plan & manage the project together


Project Summary:

Preserving Mangroves
Mikoko Pamoja started with protecting 107 hectares of mangrove forest at Gazi Bay, around the Gazi and Makongeni villages.The project replants an additional 0.4 hectares of damaged forest each year, for the next 20 years.

Fixing Carbon
The project fixes approximately 3000 tonnes of carbon each year.  This is worth an estimated US$12,000 each year from the sale of Carbon Credits, which funds mangrove conservation and community development.

You can support us by offsetting your carbon and contribute to community development.All money generated from the sale of carbon credits is used for mangrove conservation and development projects selected  by the local community.
For more information on purchase and cost of credits visit www.aces-org.co.uk/carbon-credits/


 Project Coordinator; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.             


More details about the project can be seen on the Project Overview page

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