About us

The East African Forum for Payment for Ecosystem Services (EAFPES) supports Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) development within the region through exchange of information. The goal is to ensure good communication on the science and practice of payments for ecosystem services and to help build PES capacity in East Africa.

Our objectives are:- 

  • To collate and disseminate knowledge pertaining to coastal PES
  • To connect stakeholders and the research community and inform the general public
  • To provide practical information for emerging PES schemes, including tools and experiences, as well as information on funding opportunities

EAFPES functions continually and globally through this website, coupled with meetings and workshops. The forum works directly with stakeholders and other interested parties in PES and seeks partnerships with key PES stakeholders in the region.

The EAFPES secretariat is hosted by the Kenyan Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) in Mombasa, Kenya.

EAFPES was formed in November 2009 in Mombasa, Kenya, in response to a growing interest of network to promote PES principles region. Founding members included government agencies, NGO’s and community groups interested in promoting PES in Eastern Africa. EAFPES is now open for membership to all stakeholders interested in coastal and marine ecosystems. The startup funds for EAFPES was through a National Environmental Research Council of the United Kingdom(NERC) funded project Capacity Building for Mangrove Assessment, Restoration and Valuation in East Africa – (CAMARV)

The project aimed to develop research capacity needed to deliver, and learn from, poverty reduction and conservation projects that utilise market based approaches such as Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES).  In addition, recent policy developments, such as the REDD+ (reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) provisions from Bali, present enormous opportunities for poor communities to realise capital from ecosystem services.

EAFPES was thus formed as network of interested members from a range of organizations - including government bodies, NGOs, and community groups – interested in promoting PES in Eastern Africa. EAFPES is open for membership to all stakeholders of coastal ecosystems and also PES initiatives in the region. The EAFPES Secretariat is hosted at Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute.


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